December 22, 2023

Indigenous beliefs have long included how humankind is interconnected with nature and one another. When nature is ‘ill,’ it follows that we all are. So, a new study is startling in its findings on just how connected we really are to Mother Nature; Israel’s vengeance against Hamas is justified but the severity of that vengeance inflicted on the innocents in Gaza is not. Aid groups have been sounding the alarm on what the impact is doing to the people of Gaza and a new report finds the region on the precipice of a crisis of mammoth proportions; The end of the year is always a time of reflection and whom we’ve lost. Check out the notable Latinos who have passed this year; and Discover the connection between Natchitoches, Louisiana and Mexico City. It’s not what you expect. Go beyond the headlines…

New Study of 8,000 People Shows Being Surrounded by Nature Slows Aging on Cellular Level

Gaza’s entire population facing crisis levels of hunger, risk of famine, report finds

Punishing their own but passing few laws, a Congress in chaos leaves much to do in 2024

Average long-term mortgage rate falls to lowest level since June

Legendary Latinos we lost in 2023

Alaska’s Rivers Are Turning Orange and No One Knows Why

Researchers surprised at levels of toxicity in standard plastic products

Chatty robot helps seniors fight loneliness through AI companionship

Why does a 2500-mile-long, ancient roadway connect Natchitoches, La., to Mexico City?

Uruguay’s migrant population grows for first time in a century, driven by Venezuelans, Cubans

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