December 21, 2023

Diversity, equity and inclusion have the best hope of surviving GOP attacks if more of us incorporate it into our daily lives without a conscious effort. In fact, the majority of us are already doing it. A new Pew Research study finds that a majority of us have a friend of a different religion. Now, if we can just look beyond skin color and ethnicity; Putin is hell-bent on making Ukraine bend to his will. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many young Russians die for the delusional maniac; Funny, how the GOP tries to kill Obamacare when enrollment just grows and grows; A new discovery in the US Southwest has archeologists feeling like Christmas came early for them; and Authorities fear a new flood of migrants from one particular country trying to be a democracy but being held back by corrupt political leaders. Go beyond the headlines…

A majority of Americans have a friend of a different religion

Russia’s Winter of Discontent as Troop Losses at All Time High

Enrollment for 2024 Obamacare plans 33% higher than last year

More US auto buyers are turning to hybrids as sales of electric vehicles slow

NASA’s moon landing mission will include a non-American, Harris says

Wildflowers increasingly doing without insect pollinators

Discovery of ‘calendar’ rock carvings from Ancestral Pueblo in US Southwest surpasses ‘wildest expectations’

Adaptive tile could cut cooling and heating costs

California’s toxic waste creates health problems in Mexico

Guatemala’s anti-corruption leader-to-be could be prevented from taking office, deepening migration concerns for US

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