December 24, 2021

In many parts of the country, this Christmas will be unlike those of years past. Forget the fact there may be fewer presents under the tree or a smaller family gathering (thanks Omicron) or fewer family favorites on the dinner table. No, what makes this Christmas so different is the climate. In places where people used to have to bundle up on Christmas Day, they’re turning on their air conditioners for that blast of cold. Others are praying their Christmas trees don’t get swept away in floods caused by torrential rains or unprecedented snowfalls. Yet, we all seem to be waiting to take our cue from Washington as to what to do when we should not be waiting for anyone — and start being accountable for our own actions; 100 children get to spend Christmas with their families this year after thinking they’d never see them again; Know what Log4j is? We should; and Learn about ‘liquid trees’ and what the archeological ‘game changer’ for 2021 was. Go beyond the headlines & I wish you a peaceful, kind and safe Christmas.

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