December 27, 2022

As we close out 2022, events of historic proportions continue happening: the migrant surge at the US-Mexico border; the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the near-total devastation of the country’s infrastructure; The worsening drought in the southwest; The extraordinary rise in gun deaths among young men; The game of dare by North Korea, China and Russia; and Mother Nature’s relentless attack via snow, heat, tornadoes and hurricanes. If there’s any solace to take from today’s headlines, it’s that Mexico still reigns as king of tequila and one gender performs better on ‘theory of mind’ test around the world. Go beyond the headlines…

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Stuck at the border, migrants find a little Christmas cheer

Ukraine’s foreign minister aims for February peace summit

Arizona mulls piping in water from Mexico as Colorado River continues decline

Young men have higher risk of gun death in some US cities than in war

Females on average perform better than males on a ‘theory of mind’ test across 57 countries

Neuroscientists create mood decoder that detects depression

Mexico’s tequila exports hit a record high

Uruguay’s global ambitions shake up Latin America’s Mercosur trade bloc

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