December 28, 2020

For many Americans struggling during these Covid times, Trump’s 11th hour signing of the bipartisan relief bill was a welcome present to end 2020. We’ve come to learn that what we chalk up to Trump’s intentional acts of causing chaos aren’t really that at all. It’s how this man lives his own life and functions in his daily relationships, and it’s abnormal! What’s also disturbing is the recent stats ICE just released about migrant family deportations too; A personality quiz that’s actually developed by psychologists and not some Russian trolls; Ten scientific discoveries that may lead to new inventions; and The earth is under assault by climate change. Environmental activists in Latin America are trying to raise the alarm but someone is killing them off. Go beyond the headlines…

Migrant family deportations in 2020 top combined total for Trump’s first three years: ICE

Trump’s presidential legacy, by the numbers

Black, Latina and immigrant mothers are losing jobs as COVID-19 child care crisis grows

‘Hellish’: Covid deaths have struck younger Latinos. Here’s the economic, social fallout.

3 Things That Changed Language In 2020

Most Personality Quizzes Are Junk Science. Take One That Isn’t.

Ten scientific discoveries that may lead to new inventions

Have you heard of the new app Honk, a mix of Snapchat and MSN messenger?

Internationally Acclaimed Activist Fears for Mexico’s Environment

Félix Vásquez: Honduran environmental activist assassinated

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