December 29, 2020

Long gone are the days when politicians projected civility, cooperation, bipartisanship, human decency and plain manners when talking about their political opponents. Trump broke that mold, and there’s no going back for the time being — nor should there be. Since one of the things Trump’s base love about him is his ‘plain talk,’ never mind he’s lying more than half the time, Biden and others need to be as plain speaking as Trump and his cohorts. That means Biden should be as simple in his speech as possible about Trump and his administration’s obstructive behavior towards Biden’s transition team, Trump’s failure in telling the truth about Covid, the shutting down of Voice of America radio outlets abroad, his damage to our global reputation and democracy and how close China is in overtaking the US as the world’s biggest economy. Trump’s damage to our country will reverberate for years to come if the same narrow-mindedness that distorted reality to fit an ego-centric agenda is allowed to blossom further by smoothing over all the damage of the last four years. Transparency isn’t enough. It’s time to adopt an accountability strategy that leaves no doubt as to who did what, why it was done and how it will be fixed. Go beyond the headlines…

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