December 29, 2023

Overnight, there was word that Russia unleashed the biggest air attack on Ukraine since they first started this ego-driven war. It’s no surprise. Putin knows Ukraine’s defense is weakening thanks to the House GOP antics and irrational thinking that has GOP leadership equating the severity and global impact of a Russian victory with migrant arrivals at the US-Mexico border. One major difference is that the so-called migrant invasion isn’t coming armed with missiles or thoughts of invasion but only to work and create a better life for themselves than the one they had before. The House GOP isn’t acting in a way that is fiscally conservative. On the contrary, their actions are reckless and so narrow in view that they may well go down in history as being responsible, in part, for setting the stage for a World War III. Sound ludicrous? War is ludicrous; A survey of companies’ 2024 plans reveals a disturbing future for too many of us; Population experts say the world’s population increased by 75 million this year. That makes the total population a hefty weight for Earth to support; and An architect in Bangladesh saw an increasing problem in her country due to climate change and created a simple solution that’s already making a difference for the poorest of the poor. Go beyond the headlines…

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