January 1, 2024

It’s a new year and perhaps the first time in modern history where our hopes and expectations for a great year are replaced with a greater anxiety for what’s in store for us. Will it bring more war? A worse economy? A Trump win? More extreme climate disasters? With news overnight that Japan suffered a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, it would seem Mother Nature wants to start the 2024 party of dread; Regardless of what drove them to make a perilous journey, the migrants assembling at the US-Mexico border pretty unanimously say they want to work. Of course, what’s holding them back from fulfilling that wish is their status. Now, the Biden administration is making that work wish a reality — for those who cross the border legally; Is it just me or have you noticed that people with advanced education aren’t necessarily smarter, wiser or critical thinkers like they used to be? We’ve been seeing this on full display during election seasons. Now, new research validates these observations; While hundreds of unknown species were discovered this year, a study reveals a disturbing trend with the nation’s bird population; and One archeologist took his work in Bolivia and made it a ‘novel’ experience for all to experience. Go beyond the headlines…

University of Florida study shows national decrease in bird diversity

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Biden fast-tracks work authorization for migrants who cross legally

These IRS changes can increase paychecks, lower taxes

Norwegian study reveals weakening link between education and cognitive ability

Why treatment for severe mental illness looks radically different for rich and poor people

Hundreds of unknown species were discovered around the world this year

The biggest winners in tech in 2023

Mexico and Venezuela restart repatriation flights amid pressure to curb soaring migration to U.S.

Graphic novel inspired by professor’s archaeological research in Bolivia

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