December 6, 2022

News reports are steadily chronicling the displeasure of Russians with Putin’s war. For the first time in history, Russian citizens are not content to blindly follow and fulfill the selfish ego of their leader. We see Russia is not alone. Iran and China are also experiencing social unrest on a scale their governments are appalled to see. Never mind that democratic countries have exercised their free speech and will all along. With cable channel pundits and fans who are counting down the days till the apocalypse, maybe the great ‘awakening’ has less to do with the end of the world but more to the fact that ordinary people are waking up to how they’re being oppressed — and they don’t want to take it anymore; Every morning, we wake up to headlines of yet another company laying off workers. Unfortunately, unemployment insurance may not be there when we need it; and We know racial bias has a lot to do with media coverage of missing people. Now, there’s a tool to show just how racially bias this coverage can be. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s efforts to protect abortion access hit roadblocks

Ukraine War Updates: Poll Shows Declining Russian Support for War, Report

DHS delays REAL ID compliance to 2025

We forgot to fix unemployment insurance yet again

Racial bias affects media coverage of missing people. A new tool illustrates how

Australia starts building ‘momentous’ radio telescope

Get ready for “thaw and eat” foods

White House to continue online tours of Christmas decor

Remittances to Mexico continue record-breaking trend

Elderly villagers become film stars to put Bolivia’s climate plight in focus

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