December 7, 2022

A new day brings more news of more layoffs. No wonder economists are saying don’t look to 2023 for a recession, it’s already arrived in some sectors of our economy; If you’re wondering what’s the big deal that Raphael Warnock won reelection in Georgia, you’re not alone but it does matter and here’s why; GOP House Reps, salivating over their plans for retaliation of the Dems once they take control of the House in January, aren’t waiting; So, why aren’t we allowing the Cherokee Nation a delegate in the House of Rep? Long overdue; Two accidental discoveries on opposite sides of the world yielded two amazing discoveries; and New app creates music playlist to help boost your mood. Go beyond the headlines…

Economists: A US housing recession has already arrived

Raphael Warnock is officially Democrats’ 51st senator. Here’s why that matters.

Exclusive: GOP launches probe into handling of Afghanistan withdrawal

Arizona GOP legislator: Danger to democracy in Supreme Court case isn’t theoretical

Cherokee Nation wants to send a delegate to the House – it’s an idea older than Congress itself

Prehistoric 50-Foot Whale Discovered in Deep Jungle Valley by Accident

Florida beach erosion uncovers wooden ship from 1800s

New App Creates Music Playlist to Help Boost Your Emotional State

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City anticipates record number of pilgrims

Rare good news from the Amazon: Gigantic fish are thriving again

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