December 6, 2023

There seems to be little hope for changing the course of the planet’s climate future from what we’re seeing at the COP28 climate summit. At this point, breaking climate records each month and countries not living up to past pledges, no amount of money promised to address this dire issue may be enough to close the gap between hope and cataclysmic failure. And it doesn’t help when far-right political extremists, who seem to control many legislatures in the US and the world, pass legislation banning their territories from doing business with those who support sustainability. Also, it doesn’t help that those people who want to do right by the planet and buy an electric vehicle (EV) may not have the whole truth. A new Consumer Reports study sheds light on what EV manufacturers are and are not telling us; Ukraine’s Zelenskyy was all set to come and plead his case before Congress for more aid money. He changed his mind; Is the economy finally settling into the pattern the Fed has been waiting for?; Scientists discover the existence of a universal, nonverbal communication system; When the Nazis rounded up people for their concentration camps, they took everyone who fit their criteria. Among them, were musicians, composers and conductors. Now, for the first time, music composed by Auschwitz prisoners is receiving their overdue debut. Go beyond the headlines…

Are EV Manufacturers Lying About Range? A New CR Study Sheds Light

Zelensky abruptly cancels US Senate briefing amid funding row

Washington’s center of gravity on immigration has shifted to the right

U.S. labor market rebalances from pandemic-era extremes

‘A bizarre coalition’: Red and blue states weigh big changes to student testing requirements

Study suggests existence of a universal, nonverbal communication system

Restored Music Composed by Prisoners at Auschwitz Played Publicly for the First Time

Eco tires enhance EV range and minimize microplastics

The Amazon’s first floating film festival brings Indigenous stories to the big screen

How have women risen to the top of Mexican politics?

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