December 5, 2023

Whether you blame it on the pandemic, social media or bad parenting, the fact, according to a new global study, is that U.S. students are failing in math compared to their global peers — and that’s a big deal. If the math skills aren’t there, which also bring with them the ability to solve complex problems and develop critical thinking skills, then the future for US will continuously be shortchanged. There will not be enough scientists to study the effects of climate change impact, policy analysts to advise and help craft significant legislation that impact humankind or take space exploration, both manned and unmanned, farther. Math is so much more than just knowing how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. It’s the gateway for opening minds to what is possible and achievable; Ukraine’s Zelenskyy is understandably nervous. He has been able to lead a good fight against the Russian invasion but only with the help of the US and our allies. Would Congress really throw away everything we’ve already invested for purely political dealmaking? Unfortunately, probably so. This GOP is blatantly vindictive against anyone perceived to have wronged their designated political demigod and it seems are willing to destroy more lives to get their way; However, thank goodness for international students! In this age when nationalism is growing, we have data that shows just how beneficial it is to have international students on our campuses; and Remember the actor Jimmy Stewart? Sure you do, he’s the guy in that black-and-white movie that airs every Christmas on every other channel, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Well, he’s come back to life, kinda, via an app. Go beyond the headlines…

U.S. students’ math scores plunge in global education assessment

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Global carbon emissions set record high, but US coal use drops to levels last seen in 1903

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