December 7, 2023

Gun violence is an unnecessary evil of life living in the United States. It’s unnecessary because we wouldn’t have daily reports of gun violence if we had common sense gun laws. We only have to look at other countries around the world, that have taken the issue seriously and not tied it to politics, to see they enjoy a much higher quality of life. Unfortunately, communities of color experience more heartache when it comes to gun violence. A new study found Hispanic deaths by gunfire number in the thousands and an alarming percentage are homicides because of guns; When the economy tightens, economists see shoppers shift their buying from expensive stores and flock towards the dollar and discount stores. A new data analysis shows a surprising number of shoppers are ditching US dollar stores for another kind of discount retailer; Climate scientists’ warnings about climate tipping points just got a lot more dire; and With so much happening in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, not much attention is being paid to Latin America but Venezuela’s Maduro just made a move that cause civil unrest a lot closer to US. Go beyond the headlines…

Nearly 75,000 Hispanics Have Died by Gunfire in the U.S. Since 2001, Almost Two-Thirds of the Deaths are Homicides, Study Finds

Chinese e-commerce platform Temu drawing shoppers from US dollar stores -data

Senate fails to advance Ukraine aid despite dire warnings from Biden

The best—and worst—U.S. metro areas for the middle class

Fully remote work is on the decline in the U.S.

Report: Catastrophic climate ‘tipping points’ may be imminent

Eight-eyed cave creature with unique genitalia discovered as new species in China

NPR’s New iOS App Brings Together Podcasts From The Network And Local Stations

New ‘home office law’ takes effect in Mexico

Venezuela’s president orders creation of new state and map including taking land from Guyana

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