December 8, 2020

We, at least, those of us who believe Biden won in a fair and honest election, should breathe a sigh of relief today. December 8 is known as safe harbor day. It’s the day, under federal law, when Congress must count the electoral votes from states that act by Dec. 8 to choose their presidential electors — the people who meet next week in each state to cast the actual votes for president. In other words: today, the determinations of the states cannot effectively be challenged — by Trump, Giuliani or anyone else. Sigh…but this is Trump and his disconnected family. While thousands continue to die from COVID on a daily basis, Melania Trump made a big announcement yesterday – The White House is adding a tennis pavilion! In the meantime: New study shows that county-level racism associated with increase in COVID-19 cases; Hispanic unemployment been cut in half?; and New UN report reveals just how many Central Americans will have been forced from their homes by end of 2020. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s Victory Cemented As States Reach Deadline For Certifying Vote Tallies

Racism at the county level associated with increased COVID-19 cases and deaths

Latinos to run two agencies that play key role in lives of nation’s largest minority group

Hispanic unemployment from Covid-19 has been cut in half, but can it last?

How ICE Became The Face Of Trump’s Immigration Crackdown And Where It Goes From Here After Biden Is In Charge

Trump plots mass pardons, even to people not asking

Large US study confirms COVID-19 complications: Lung, kidney and cardiovascular issues

GoHenry, a pre-paid card and finance app for 6-18 year olds, raises $40M

Ecuadorian Esteban Valencia is recognized as one of the best inventors

One million Central Americans will have migrated by the end of 2020, says UNHCR

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