December 9, 2019

We don’t need a higher ed degree to know that since Trump took office US standing in the world has plummeted. Though he dupes his believers otherwise, the rest of us who haven’t succumbed to the Trump cult can see the truth. So can China. Nowhere is this more evident in what Peru just had to promise US lawmakers; The term immigrants is used to describe the early settlers of US, implying that they came of their own free will. While some did, a good number came fleeing from oppression, war, famine. Just like today. Yet, North Dakota County isn’t buying the historical narrative anymore; and A big abrazo to Linda Rondstadt for what she just told Mike Pompeo to his cara. Go beyond the headlines…

America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump

Linda Ronstadt tells Pompeo at dinner that he’ll ‘be loved’ when ‘he stops enabling Donald Trump’

North Dakota County May Become U.S. First to Bar New Refugees

Report: 636 violent attacks on migrants under ‘remain in Mexico’ policy

Church nativity depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as family separated at border

Computer game may help to predict reuse of opioids

Eat For 10 Hours. Fast For 14. This Daily Habit Prompts Weight Loss, Study Finds

New app predicts water-related conflict up to year in advance

On Twitter, this Brazilian writer illuminates stories from black history

Peru agrees to promote US investments in the country to counter Beijing influence

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