February 10, 2021

U.S. history’s first-ever second impeachment trial of the same president began with a harrowing video of what happened on January 6, and House Managers explaining why it is constitutional to pursue impeachment again. Yet, what followed by the former president’s legal team was insulting to anyone who remotely understands the seriousness of what was incited on January 6. However, the nation should be disgusted by the 44 Republican senators who voted to not pursue impeachment or ever hold Trump accountable. Their decision not only haunts their political future in ways they obviously can’t fathom but affects our national future. In the meantime, Dems are working hard to ensure there are big ACA changes in Covid relief bill; Why did the Education Dept disproportionately audit minority students?; Covid deaths are falling everywhere except in these counties; Don’t want diabetes? There’s a way to prevent it for many people; and Mexican legislators passed a new law that negatively impacts women. Go beyond the headlines…

Democrats eye big ACA changes in COVID relief bill

Covid Deaths Soar in Hispanic Counties Even as U.S. Cases Fall

In Biden’s early days, signs of Trump-era problems at border

U.S. lawmakers introduce legislation to help Hispanic, Indigenous & Black farmers

CVS, Walgreens, other pharmacies to begin delivering COVID-19 vaccines within days

Education Department Disproportionally Selected Black, Hispanic Students for Audit

Obama ‘alumni’ create scholarship program to boost young Latinos in public service internships

Two decades in the making, Rosa DeLauro’s plan to cut child poverty in half is on the brink of passing

Obesity contributes to up to half of new diabetes cases annually in the United States

Sharify makes it super simple to rediscover your city’s social side

Is This the Body of a Woman Mayor Murdered During the Spanish Civil War?

No more tampons in Mexico City due to new single-use plastics law

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