February 9, 2021

2021 is increasingly heralding in a “New Normal.” Not because there’s a Biden White House but because there’s a renewed interest in transparency, awareness and analysis. Three things buried over the last four years are rising from the ashes of denial and impacting how we see the world around us. For example, some ICE officials feel they can bypass the new administration and continue deporting children; New analysis shows what makes food more expensive and less accessible for many Americans; It’s official, drinking coffee does have an impact on health; and Mexico’s “La Llorona” weeps for victims of the country’s most egregious crimes. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden immigration policy looks beyond reversing Trump

Outcry as more than 20 babies and children deported by US to Haiti

Reports: Biden’s DOJ to ask 56 Trump-era attorneys to resign

Corporate concentration in the US food system makes food more expensive and less accessible for many Americans

$15 Minimum Wage Would Reduce Poverty But Cost Jobs, CBO Says

Coffee lovers, rejoice! Drinking more coffee associated with decreased heart failure risk

See a billion years of Earth plate tectonics movement in just 40 seconds

Global warming triggers earlier pollen

Fossil fuel pollution causes one in five premature deaths globally: study

New Fitbit app update will allow users to track their blood sugar level

An Adapted ‘Llorona’ Presides over a United Cry against Mexico Femicide

Bolivia investigates death of 35 condors

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