February 18, 2021

With todo que está pasando in the country right now, we lead today’s headlines roundup with Dems voicing uneasiness over Biden admin’s overhaul of the immigration system. While it’s unknown whether everyone will support its passage, it’s clear that one of the most dangerous legacies of the prior administration was the normalization of dehumanizing people. When looked through this lens, the uneasiness felt should be which lens legislators are using. Today, is a big day for NASA. Perseverance lands on Mars in search of the answer to one question: Was there ever life on the Red Planet; Nickelodian breaks another ethnic barrier; and A successful game accessory developer just created an innovative face mask. Go beyond the headlines…

‘Recipe for disaster’: Dem fears mount over immigration overhaul

Liberal groups launch ‘Latino Anti-Disinformation Lab’ to combat Covid, election messaging

US life expectancy drops a year in pandemic, most since WWII

States make it easier to clear up criminal records

Faith in numbers: Behind the gender difference of nonreligious Americans

Overcoming Disparities in Cancer: A Need for Meaningful Reform for Hispanic and Latino Cancer Survivors

First look: Nickelodeon unveils Lakota character on “The Casagrandes”

Drug relieves chronic pain without the risk of addiction

It’s landing day on Mars! NASA’s Perseverance rover will touch down on the Red Planet today

Smart, sustainable face mask features charging case, that doubles as sterilization unit, along with built-in microphone

Mexico’s poverty levels moved up 3 points to 40.7% last year

Her name is Rio: Aunt Ciata, the guardian of samba who created Carnival culture

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