February 17, 2021

Wondering where Latina Lista has been? Well, I’m Texas-based. If you’ve been following the national news, you should understand. A little over 10 hours ago, we got our electricity back on after spending almost 72 hours without, a victim of so-called “rolling blackouts.” As a result, I now can recognize signs of hypothermia in people who experience outdoor cold without ever leaving their homes and have a new appreciation for Thomas Edison’s talent. However, I do know that though I felt like I was living in the 19th century, the 21st century keeps ‘sliding’ forward: A new analysis of over 45,000 news transcripts shows the media may have a bigger hand in spreading extreme political views than first realized; Trump’s staunchest defenders are a lot closer to your home than in the halls of Congress; Are hedge funds saving local news or creating their own agendas?; and New investment app automatically invests $1 of stock in the companies you do business with. Go beyond the headlines…

Reparations bill tests Biden and Harris on racial justice

46,218 news transcripts show ideologically extreme politicians get more airtime

Analysis: Latino Republican Senators Cruz, Rubio and the backing of Trump’s caudillo playbook

The Trumpiest Republicans Are At The State And Local Levels — Not In D.C.

Tweets reveal new aspect of racially segregated cities

Hedge funds gobble local news

Stuck in traffic? Americans with longer commutes could be inhaling dangerously high levels of carcinogens, study says.

This new app automatically invests $1 of stock in the companies you do business with

Colombia builds inflatable domes for coronavirus patients

Families of missing in Jalisco take courses in search techniques

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