February 18, 2022

The headline leading the list today should give us all pause for thought — and it’s the fault of only one political party; Trump’s GOP wanted to make it incredibly hard for some immigrants to attain citizenship. The Biden administration knows that and is proposing a way to reform those mean-spirited measures; Is your local school district under siege by fanatical parents who see pornography and lurid scenarios in children’s books? It’s not the first time in history; So, for those of us who care for our elders at home, a new idea about home care help is on the way; Some families are still looking for an affordable college. Now, there’s a website to help with the search; and One of the strictest abortion laws in Latin America just did something extraordinary — for them. Go beyond the headlines…

Thanks to new congressional maps, most Americans’ votes won’t matter

Biden administration proposes eliminating barriers in ‘public charge’ rule

How the new banned books panic fits into America’s history of school censorship

Podcasts made by and for Latinos finally make mainstream inroads

The Geek Squad, but make it for home care

Nearly half of US bald eagles suffer lead poisoning

Secret treasures: Hidden apps on your smartphone and how to find them

Want to find an affordable college? There’s a website for that

Axolotl conservation project launched in Mexico City

Ecuador legislature approves rules for abortion in cases of rape

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