February 17, 2022

It’s a given that political leaders exaggerate, distort and manipulate the facts to bolster their own argument. So, how will anti-immigrant politicians spin the latest poll gauging American feelings on ‘path to citizenship?’ Is COVID finally on the wane?; A popular financial company targets Latinos to help build wealth; So, where did Earth get its water?; Scientists discover one sure way older adults can retain their memories, and it doesn’t involve drugs; The Economist found there’s one full democratic country in South America. Go beyond the headlines…

Poll: 70 percent of Americans support a path to citizenship

COVID cases plummet all across the U.S.

Immigrants could help the US labor shortage — if the government would let them

Robinhood Partners with Amplify Latinx to Expand Its Presence in Latino Communities

White Men Are Now The Minority Of Business Owners In The United States

The True Source of Earth’s Water Could Be Wildly Different to What You Think

Study shows exercise can help older adults retain their memories

Exclusive: Trump app opens to hundreds of testers ahead of expected launch

Uruguay is the only full democracy in South America, The Economist says

Mexican commission will seek to identify the mummies of Guanajuato

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