February 19, 2024

The first votes are in — among presidential historians! Using their academic expertise to rank who was the best and the worst among US presidents, presidential historians have released their list. We’re not surprised; Most of us can’t pinpoint exactly where Papua New Guinea is on the map nor how big its population is but a massacre over the weekend, though tribal, should alert us that war is happening on even the smallest scale; So, let me get this right. Educators in Florida are so afraid of the new draconian laws signed by the defunct presidential candidate and FL Gov. DeSantis that they are sending permission slips to parents to allow their children to participate in Black History Month? Sad; A new monument honoring the Japanese Americans incarcerated during WWII features an unique element that makes it more than just a symbol of domestic oppression; and Mexican voters are feeling the same threat of authoritarianism, as US voters, on their doorstep with their summer elections that they decided to do something about it. Will we do the same? Go beyond the headlines…

Presidential experts rank Biden 14th among presidents in survey, Trump comes in last

A Fight Between Rivaling Tribes in Papua New Guinea Has Led to a Massacre

Parents in Miami-Dade County receive permission slips asking if children can participate in Black History Month activity

‘Voters feel better about the economy. Will it help Biden?

A monument honors Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II by listing every name

Millions of women are ‘under-muscled.’ These foods help build strength

NASA Reveals How It Would Warn World of Impending Asteroid Disaster

New app could fast-track diagnosis of autism

Cave art in Patagonia found to be oldest pigment-based cave art in South America

‘March for democracy’ draws multitudes in Mexico

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