February 16, 2024

Undocumented immigrants have long been targeted as the GOP’s easy scapegoat for what’s wrong in America’s economy and society. After all, it’s a no-brainer to fault a segment of the population, who literally have no voice. That’s the reason why Republican governors can parade in front of the cameras at the US/Mexico border and declare there’s an “invasion” of undocumented immigrants, though Texas is having a hard time convincing the state’s Supreme Court of that ‘alternative fact’. Or why TX Gov. Abbott can load migrants on a bus and ship them up north and just drop them in the middle of NYC, without alerting anyone of their arrival. Or why US officials don’t adequately vet adults who take in the most delicate of these vulnerable people, the children, and are now finding abuses inflicted upon these children — who may not have a country but who do have rights; Putin’s arch-opponent, the out-spoken Alexei Navalny has died in prison. He was transferred to this latest prison only a couple of months ago and Russian media reports he collapsed while on a walk — and Tucker Carlson sat down with the man responsible for Navalny’s death and who mocked Carlson throughout the interview. Yet, like with Trump, Carlson thought his interview went terrific; Variety reports that Liberals outnumber Conservatives on all the top streamers — except one; An app that can turn our photos into games?; and A disturbing new oceanic study finds the Atlantic Ocean will “soon” enter into a phase no one wants. Go beyond the headlines…

Restrictions prompt teachers to avoid political and social discussions: Report

Jailed Putin opponent Alexei Navalny has died, Russian media says

Watchdog report finds failures in US vetting of adults to take in unaccompanied migrant kids

The risk of working from home

Liberals outnumber Conservatives on all the top streamers — except one

How do oceans start to close? New study suggests the Atlantic may ‘soon’ enter its declining phase

This Ancient Cave Art Passed Survival Information Across 130 Human Generations in Patagonia, Study Suggests

New app turns your photos into games

How did the Mexican government become one of the world’s most important art collectors?

Venomous 2-foot-long creature found lurking in Ecuador. See the ‘dazzling’ new species

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