February 20, 2020

When President Obama was in office, there was hope that the country was on its way to a colorblind future. Unfortunately, that hope was either a delusion or has been shattered by the Trump administration. Case-in-point: government contracts; It was a lively Democratic debate in Las Vegas last night but the city’s Latinos say they felt left out; and Puerto Rico’s biggest treasure, it’s biodiversity, is under siege, and not by natural intervention. Go beyond the headlines…

Disparities In Government Contracting Hurt Minority-Owned Businesses

Cornell professor, pollster taking pulse of Latino voters

Watching the Democratic Debate, Latinos in Las Vegas Feel Left Out of the Conversation

Hispanic lawyers warn against ‘impostor syndrome’

Report: Minorities in California county are overrepresented in homeless population

Amid Protest, Resort Construction Begins in Puerto Rican Region Known for Biodiversity

Your home’s water quality could vary by the room—and the season

Microsoft’s new Office app arrives on iOS and Android with mobile-friendly features

Women Make Science: Ecuador’s Hidden Treasure

A million children left behind as Venezuela crisis tears families apart

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