February 21, 2020

Revelations of how deeply corrupt and lawless the Trump administration actually is ceases to surprise us anymore as much as it viscerally disgusts those of us who truly understand the history of our democracy, the ideals that have stood as that welcoming beacon to immigrants for generations and how much a threat Trump and his cronies pose to the future of our nation. Latino voters take these signs seriously and the latest Pew study finds there are certain issues that resonate strongly with us; So, what was it that made a US judge side with migrants against Customs and Border Patrol?; What is a DREAMer, who won a robotics competition against MIT 15 years, doing now?; and Mexico is creating a new kind of taco that is bound to rise in popularity around the world. Go beyond the headlines…

Latino voters favor raising minimum wage, government involvement in health care, stricter gun laws

Trump seeks deal on foreign workers that could anger base

US judge sides with migrants in case against Border Patrol

Arizona ‘DREAMer’ Reflects On His Journey 15 Years After Winning Famous Robotics Contest

Latino Corporate Directors Association Launches First Publicly Available Tool to Track Latino Representation on F1000 Corporate Boards

Can you get rid of your student loans by filing for bankruptcy?

Hate speech dominates social media platform when users want answers on terrorism

Realty company Keller Williams launches new home search app

Black tacos al pastor all the rage in Mérida, Yucatán

Bolivian Says Lengthy House Arrest Was Punishment for Capturing “Che” Guevara

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