February 20, 2023

We (Americans) woke up to the news that President Biden surprised the world with a detour of his trip to Poland with a stop in Kyiv to visit President Zelenskyy. One year after Russia invaded Ukraine, the world is rallying ever stronger behind the small country. Why? Though there are calls by some to stem aid to Ukraine, Biden’s presence underscores US resolve – we are not quitters and we don’t abandon our friends. Not to mention, Ukraine stands as a metaphor for the ‘little guy’ and democracy – two concepts that resonate universally, especially in the land of Rocky, Rudy, etc.; We know many steadfast institutions are inherently racist but at a time when the country needs all the farmers it can get, there’s still one area where farmers-of-color can’t catch a break; If you’re lucky enough to work remotely, Spain has a deal for you. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden arrives in Kyiv on surprise visit to war zone

U.S. accuses Russia of committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine

Daylight saving time: Which states want to stop changing the clocks?

In 2022, Black farmers were persistently left behind from the USDA’s loan system

Digital nomads’ can now live in Spain with their families — if they earn enough

Regions in US, China most at risk for climate damage: report

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Could End Disease’s Chronic Inflammation

NBA app lets you digitally possess a live player

El Salvador crackdown breaks the gangs – at huge cost to human rights

From a secret safehouse, Peru’s Indigenous revolt advances

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