February 17, 2023

No one understood how recent unemployment reports showed fewer people were collecting unemployment. After all, layoffs are happening all around us. A new analysis for the disconnect reveals a simple reason; Russia and China often hold military exercises together. Yet, their latest partner has many Western officials on edge; The Biden admin just released the first-ever diversity report of the federal government; Archeologists discovered that the Mayan civilization was far more advanced than given credit; and Spain just approved a number of measures that make it a welcoming haven for teens and women. Go beyond the headlines…

Rock-bottom jobless claims might be overstated

South Africa’s naval exercise with Russia, China raises Western alarm

House Republicans turn southern border into second campus

US launches artificial intelligence military use initiative

Biden administration releases first-ever report on diversity in federal government

Inhalable powder could shield lungs from Covid and other viral invasions

Discovery of ‘superhighways’ suggests early Mayan civilization was more advanced than previously thought

Co-workers or lovers? New app can tell if you’re a match for either – study

Spain approves menstrual leave, teen abortion and trans laws

Argentina Annual Inflation Hits 99%, Surpassing Expectations

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