February 22, 2022

Putin delivered a speech yesterday that was reminiscent of two bygone eras: 1. When Russia was a true rival SuperPower and 2. When Trump was in office making noise about not giving up the presidency. Both men holding on to a vision that mimics medieval times when one man conquered his part of the world with little opposition. As we know, both of those eras, ended in their downfall. But you would only know that if you read/heard the news. A disturbing new poll reveals that one party is paying less attention to current events than their peers. As someone who promotes awareness of what’s happening in our country and the world, I find this poll a sad reflection of our society and an extension of the Age of Disinformation. But we can rectify that abysmal state of media consumption starting with USA Today (USAT). The flagship entity just made a long overdue announcement. They’re going to leverage the 200 news editions in their network and bundle them into one subscription. And it can’t start too soon: We all need to know about the Dept. of Justice looking at those fake electors recruited by Trump to declare him the 2020 presidential winner; Economists just created a new economic measure and when they applied it to the U.S., a truer, bleaker picture emerged than what Pollyanna political leaders want us to believe; What if there was an app that measured users for computer reading glasses?; and Colombia just made history for women in their country. Go beyond the headlines…

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