February 25, 2022

The people of Ukraine can’t be faulted for not believing that their lives would be turned upside down, their homes destroyed, their country-people killed, the sound of air raid sirens their new alarm clocks, tanks and foreign soldiers marching through their towns and peaceful nights polluted with the sounds, sights and horror of missile attacks. Who would want to believe it? Could we believe that something so horrific could happen in Dallas, Miami, LA, NYC, Atlanta, etc? We know how totally unprepared we all would be to wake up to war literally outside our front doors. Yet, there are US political influencers praising Putin and his deadly attacks to get what he wants. We should swiftly condemn these political influencers – and yes, I’m talking about Trump and his lapdogs – for supporting Putin publicly. Because if they support something like this far from our country, what’s to stop them for supporting it happening in our own country? Want to know how to help the Ukrainians? Check out the links; Why is getting healthcare coverage through our jobs getting harder?; A new study shows how beneficial a vegetarian lifestyle really is; Scientists just revealed an astounding new star map; Need an app to blow out a candle?; And there’s a new world leader of grapes. Go beyond the headlines…

Here are some ways you can help the people of Ukraine

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The problem with getting health coverage through our jobs

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Vegetarians are 14 percent less likely than meat-eaters to develop any type of cancer

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How climate change will push people toward violence

Scientists reveal 4.4 million galaxies in a new map

New research says asteroid that killed the dinosaurs hit Earth in the spring

A new app blows enough wind out of your phone to put out candles

Explore a Oaxaca Chocolate Shop Where DIY Tech Sets a High Bar

Peru has overtaken Chile as the most important supplier of grapes in the world

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