February 24, 2022

Are we on the cusp of World War III? Some would argue I’m being melodramatic. Others may say that ship sailed when Putin surrounded Ukraine with Russian forces. The fact that one man can spread such oppression and fear simply because HE wants more power is a sad reflection on the greater society that we don’t deter such aspirations before they cause harm. It’s also a sad reflection when we, as a nation, don’t vocally condemn the remarks made by Trump, and his GOP cronies, in support of Putin’s authoritative overreach. In the latter, it ceases to be free speech and is public support for an authoritative regime. Something the United States has historically fought but finds one party embracing like no other time in our short 245-year history. What will we do? One overriding certainty is that there are always consequences for every action. There will be consequences for Russia. There will be consequences for the GOP. The GOP-championed gun laws have had (predictable) consequences on Americans’ longevity; Consequences are coming to light for American families whose tax credits expired; and The consequences of climate change are already impacting our natural resources, namely our water; and Not knowing what’s happening in the world has consequences. ALWAYS go beyond the headlines…

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Study: Child poverty rising after tax credit expires

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