February 27, 2023

Many (former) students with outstanding school debt will get their day in court tomorrow as the Supreme Court hears arguments as to why if they’re entitled to loan forgiveness; Since its inception, comics have been used to express viewpoints of its creators. That’s not new. What’s new is when the comics creator expresses those same viewpoints without the comics. People don’t like it, as Dilbert’s creator found out; A new study finds that one segment of undocumented Mexican immigrants are more likely to get deported than others; and It’s estimated 500,000 protesters assembled in Mexico City on Sunday to voice their opposition to the latest attempt by their president to exert more control over its democratic institutions. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan goes before the Supreme Court Tuesday. Here’s what borrowers need to know

Tens of thousands of Americans have welcomed Ukrainian refugees

Dilbert Creator Takes to Twitter After Comic Dropped Over Race Comments

Biden’s border crackdown explained – a refugee law expert looks at the legality and impact of new asylum rule

Deportation risk hasn’t been the same for all undocumented Mexican immigrants

Worst-ever February rainforest data for Brazilian Amazon

30 of the world’s most valuable treasures that are still missing

New app will help multiracial teens with identity development

El Salvador moves suspected gang members to 40,000-capacity ‘megaprison’

Mexicans are mobilizing to protect their eroding democracy

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