February 28, 2023

It’s bad enough that inflation is forcing everyone to pay more for less but when you’re already suffering from either a layoff, a disability or a dead-end job and your monthly take-home is barely keeping your head above water, news that it’s about to get worse is bad news for everyone; The Kremlin says NATO’s actions are basically a declaration of war against Russia. I think he’s right – just as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is waging war on democracy; Well, well, FOX CEO, Rupert Murdoch, confesses his network pays top-dollar to anchors who lie for the ratings. Isn’t that special?; You never know what you’ll find at Walmart. Like a rare, historical record-setting insect?; and Monterrey, Mexico has the first store of this kind in Latin America. Go beyond the headlines…

Why poverty rates are likely to rise this year

NATO De Facto at ‘War’ With Russia in Ukraine, Kremlin Says

Latino Republicans push back on party’s immigration agenda

Rupert Murdoch says Fox stars ‘endorsed’ lies about 2020. He chose not to stop them

We Have a Real UFO Problem. And It’s Not Balloons

Zero-calorie sweetener popular in keto diets linked to strokes, heart attacks

Rare insect found at Arkansas Walmart sets historic record, points to deeper ecological questions

New app brings mental healthcare into the metaverse

Oxxo Smart store in Monterrey is ‘first of its kind’ in Latin America

A war society doesn’t see’: the Brazilian force driving out mining gangs from Indigenous lands

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