February 7, 2022

Just a casual glance at today’s headlines and I can’t help but be struck of how much (impending) death there is around the world and how much of it is preventable. From the Ukraine, where officials estimate that a Russian invasion could potentially kill upwards to 50,000 civilians, not to mention force millions to become refugees and our own dismal COVID milestone of 900,000 deaths. In either case, death doesn’t necessarily have to be inevitable but is the bad choice of too many and one (more) delusional leader. And for those who do everything right to prevent death, they are the martyrs of the selfish actions of those who did nothing. As sad as it is, most of us know someone who has died from Covid but did you know there are FEMA funds to help with funeral costs?; Media pundits say Latinas are helping the GOP win in South Texas. Are they really?; Scientists found that mosquitoes bite people who wear a certain color; Researchers invent a new way to keep electric cars charged; and Disturbing Mexican cartel news on their changing fighting tactics. Go beyond the headlines…

900,000 People Have Now Died From COVID In The US

How Hispanic women are powering GOP gains in South Texas

AP investigation: Women’s prison fostered culture of abuse

FEMA is accepting applications for COVID-19 funeral assistance: What to know and how to apply

Mosquitoes are seeing red: These new findings about their vision could help you hide from these disease vectors

The U.S. is considering a radical rethinking of the dollar for today’s digital world

A roadway will charge your EV while you’re driving

‘New Mexico for Dummies’: Las Cruces middle-schooler wins app-making contest

Jalisco cartel adopts Islamic militants’ tactics in its battle in Michoacán

Yellow alert declared for Bogotá as Amazon fires grow

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