February 9, 2022

Lately, several polls have declared that more Americans are trending toward the GOP. One poll expert cautions people not to get too excited; One Latina Republican just offered a bill that her white peers will find hard to swallow, let alone vote for; Studies show students of color are suspended more often if one thing is true of their teachers; Ready to just go off-grid? Airstream has us covered with an environmentally-friendly camper for the 21st Century; and New app connects skilled workers, think welders, electricians, tradespeople, to employers. Go beyond the headlines…

What To Make Of Polls That Show Americans Are Trending Toward The GOP

GOP bill would legalize migrants in exchange for border security, E-Verify

Students are suspended less when their teacher has the same race or ethnicity

Uncovering the Underground Railroad to Mexico

Among young Latino adults, noncitizens are at greater risk of death than naturalized and U.S.-born citizens

Airstream debuts first US electric-powered camper that parks itself, allows off-grid travel

Massive Sponge Gardens Discovered on the Peaks of Extinct Underwater Volcanoes in the Arctic Deep Sea

New App Community Connects Skilled Workers with Employers

The fast fashion graveyard in Chile’s Atacama Desert

U.S. lawmakers take Mexican president to task over need to protect journalists

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