February 10, 2022

After Republicans sided with the National Rifle Association to block the Violence Against Women’s Act in 2018 because of the common-sense provision: “whether unmarried partners could keep guns if they were found guilty of violence against a dating partner,” (even though every day women are killed by guns from their abusers, married and unmarried), it passed yesterday. Why? To appease the NRA/GOP, that pivotal provision was left out. There are two parties responsible for the gun violence in this country, as I see it, and it has nothing to do with Second Amendment rights and everything to do with MONEY! We are finally a “nation of immigrants;” So, yes, some people have quit their jobs but what jobs are they looking for; Sleep is good for us and now researchers say it can help with our waistlines too; Latin America’s largest contemporary art fair is back! Go beyond the headlines…

Senators strike bipartisan deal on domestic violence bill

U.S. immigration agency replaces Trump-era mission statement that removed “nation of immigrants” label

Most Children In Haitian Orphanages Aren’t Orphans — But US Missionaries Take Them Away From Their Families

The jobs Americans want

Amid a housing crisis, renters challenge firms they say are being exploitative

Getting More Sleep Can Help Your Body Absorb Fewer Calories, Experiment Shows

Peruvian Wari leaders used hallucinogen to keep followers loyal 1,200 years ago, archaeologists say

New App-Based 3-D Anatomy Model May Be a Game Changer for Women’s Health

Latin America’s largest contemporary art fair kicks off in Mexico City

El Salvador woman punished under strict abortion law freed after 10 years

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