January 10, 2023

The unofficial name for the summit among the three leaders of North America happening in Mexico City is the “Three Amigos.” However, one amigo is already throwing punches; The House passed new rules of which one will defund the IRS. While it may sound like good news, it is if you’re part of the millionaire class. Someone will have to burden any shortfall and guess who that will be; Spanish isn’t the only second language popularly spoken in homes across the US. The others might surprise you; A new study shows just how dire the loss of mammal species is accelerating; and The Brazilian riots is sending shivers among its South American neighbors, and they’ve decided to take proactive measures. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden, López Obrador, Trudeau meet in Mexico City for summit

NATO, EU Chiefs Vow To Step Up Support For Ukraine To Defend Itself

Wealthy Tax Cheats Set To Benefit From Republicans’ Defunding of IRS

America’s Most Popular 2nd Languages Might Surprise You 

How to “Career-Cushion” and Protect Yourself From a Recession

Great Salt Lake will disappear in 5 years without massive ‘emergency rescue,’ scientists say

Hundreds of mammal species are being pushed toward extinction

Detecting malaria through a smartphone

Chile, Colombia call for extraordinary OAS meeting after Brazil riots

Mexican president calls on Biden to end U.S. “disdain” for Latin America

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