January 11, 2023

The 3 Amigos (Biden, Trudeau, López Obrador) ended their summit amid good food, lively music and new promises on trade and immigration, among other topics. Time will tell…; We all know in 2016 that Putin really wanted Trump to win the election. So, he directed his hackers and trolls to target one particular demographic he deemed the most gullible, ignorant and unfortunately, stupid enough to believe the most blatant of lies; China just surpassed the US in something that has many academics alarmed; Innovation is all about rethinking how we do things. Scientists applied that mindset to refrigeration and what they came up with is amazing; and Haiti officially has no elected government officials left. That’s alarming and bad news for the small country’s future. Go beyond the headlines…

Biden announces website, other measures to curb border crossings, during leaders summit

Zelensky in speech to Golden Globes: “There will be no Third World War”

2016 election Russian disinformation mainly reached Republicans

Exclusive: New Biden student loan plan unveiled amid agency funding crisis

China now publishes more high-quality science than any other nation – should the US be worried?

CES 2023: 10 tech innovations to keep an eye on

Scientists Just Invented an Entirely New Way to Refrigerate Things

Estée Lauder’s new app helps visually impaired users apply makeup

Mexico’s AMLO urges Biden to lead further regional integration at bilateral talks

Haiti left with no elected government officials as it spirals towards anarchy

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