January 11, 2022

Once upon a time, there was a US Congress who believed in a democratic government. That the government actually served its people in a bipartisan fashion was the mission statement of a bygone Congress. Nowadays, we are witnessing a party that has turned its back on the greater constituency in favor of propagating lies, obstructing bills for the advancement of the good of the people and have become so malicious in their rhetoric that some wonder if the US is doomed to repeat the worst of man’s history on this planet. The hallmark of any democracy is the right to vote and Biden is reaching a difficult decision in the fight to protect voting rights; Living in a Capitalist society is supposed to bring out the hard work ethic in everyone. Yet, for too long, those with privilege have used the system to widen the wealth gap. The proof is in the argument which is cheaper, owning vs. renting; Tax season starts earlier this year; and After years of promise, a new kind of gun is arriving in the US. Could it be a game-changer in homicides? Go beyond the headlines…

Biden will ‘forcefully advocate’ for protecting voting rights in Atlanta speech

Families separated at border now fear extortion attempts

Owning is cheaper than renting in much of the U.S.

Treasury begins distribution of new quarter featuring first Black woman, Maya Angelou

IRS: 2022 tax season set to begin 2 weeks early on Jan. 24

COVID-19 home tests will soon be covered by health insurers; here’s what to know

Deadly extreme weather year for US as carbon emissions soar

Smart guns finally arriving in U.S., seeking to shake up firearms market

How Mexico City’s Vecindades Became Homes for the Working Class

Chávez dynasty comes to an end at Venezuelan state of Barinas

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