January 12, 2022

It’s been stated ad nauseam of how the pandemic exposed the disparities in our world. The World Bank joined that bandwagon early on and continues to raise the alarm; NPR scored an interview with former Pres. Trump. It didn’t go well and so Trump reacted how rational people expect him and kind to do; COVID has been a bigger death sentence for one particular demographic in California that could have broader consequences for the state; and Researchers just revealed another reason why olive oil is good for us. Go beyond the headlines…

World Bank: Gap between rich and poor countries is widening

Pressed on his election lies, former President Trump cuts NPR interview short

The battles over voting rights, preventing fraud and access to ballots – 5 essential reads

More Latinos dying of COVID than any other ethnicity in California. It could hurt the state.

Want to know how to save nature? Ask Indigenous scientists.

A life-enhancing elixir? Olive oil linked to lower death risks from Alzheimer’s disease, all causes

Remembering faces and names can be improved during sleep

Meeting someone online in-person? A new app hopes to verify them for you

Mexico’s Economy Faces Gloomy 2022 as Growth Decouples From the U.S.

Bolivia to set up factory to produce toothpaste from coca leaves

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