January 13, 2023

It was inevitable that (meaningful) tech would finally catch up with the federal government. Border officials now allow asylum-seekers to ask for US asylum through an app. That’s awesome — if those requests are acknowledged and acted upon and don’t get lost in cyberspace; We know Putin is desperate for the Ukrainian invasion to tilt his way but blackmailing Russian soldiers to fight?; When it comes to UFOs, the Pentagon has never been so blatant in, as the old saying goes, talking out of both sides of its mouth. On the one hand, they say current sightings don’t prove they’re extraterrestrial in origin, but on the other hand, they admit they’re showing aerial maneuvers beyond human capability — and there’s lots more (sightings) since 2021; New studies just identified millions more of this demographic than previously known. That’s bad, bad news for the GOP; Want to know the 10 breakthrough technologies for 2023?; and Everyone is using ChatGPT these day but one music company decided to create something useful with it. Go beyond the headlines…

Border officials allow asylum-seekers to request U.S. entry through mobile app

Putin’s Soldiers Complain They Are Being Blackmailed Into Fighting—Video

Spy agencies report hundreds more UFO sightings since 2021

New studies find millions of young nonbinary and transgender Americans

US renames 5 places that used racist slur for a Native woman

New results reveal surprising behavior of minerals deep in the Earth

10 Breakthrough technologies for 2023

App uses AI tech behind ChatGPT to make any kind of playlist you want

Peru’s gateway airport to Machu Picchu closes as protests grow

Scientists record world’s largest hatching of baby turtles in South America

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