January 17, 2023

Underway at Davos, Switzerland is the World Economic Forum. A mix of politicians and business CEOs, Davos is the place where (supposedly) serious talk takes place about the major issues facing the planet. Yet, under their watch, rather ironic that the only real growth has happened among millionaires and billionaires and the people and entire countries on the lower end of the scale are suffering the most. Some would say that’s always been the way of the world. But this time what is impacting one end of the spectrum now will only accelerate and impact us all; No surprise from the study that shows where it’s easy to find EV chargers; For all the animal lovers, it’s a wonder they’re not raising more awareness about one of the biggest animal crisis happening under our noses; Think eating fish is healthy? Uh, think again; Mexico just passed the strictest law on their books on a social activity that could be a deal breaker for many. Go beyond the headlines…

Economic woes, war, climate change on tap for Davos meeting

EV chargers are easier to find in white, wealthy neighborhoods

Ukraine’s first lady: Women bearing the brunt of the war

The biggest animal welfare crisis you’ve never heard of

Doomsday Clock To Be Updated for First Time Since Putin Invaded Ukraine

Study suggests US freshwater fish highly contaminated with ‘forever chemicals’

Frequent visits to green space linked to lower use of certain prescription meds

Antimicrobial lipstick destroys bacteria and viruses

Strict anti-smoking law takes effect across Mexico

Peru declares state of emergency in Lima after weeks of protests

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