January 14, 2021

As Washington DC builds up their defenses against threats to the safety and security of Biden’s inauguration on January 20, federal agencies are starting to rebuild their own defenses that had been dismantled. by the Trump administration; So, where are people getting their news? Hint: not from newspapers; Many don’t believe systemic racism occurs in the one industry that determines life and death; and Scientists warn that a “forever” drought is already here in this part of the country. Go beyond the headlines…

4 Ways President Trump’s 2nd Impeachment Will Change Washington

ICE’s Latest Leader Has Resigned After Just Two Weeks On The Job

FAA steps up enforcement against unruly airline passengers

News Use Across Social Media Platforms in 2020

Federal financial aid for college will be easier to apply for – and a bit more generous

New survey finds many people don’t believe systemic racism is a barrier to health

A “forever” drought takes shape in the West

This Is The New App For Suspended Twitter Users

Brazilian waxwork figures go viral after old video report is unearthed on social media – video

Xochimilco’s nearly 450-year-old Niñopa statue adapts to the pandemic

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