January 15, 2021

There are countless examples over the last 4 years of how depraved Trump and his administration were and are. A report released yesterday shows the depths of that depravity in the clearest of terms and how they targeted the most vulnerable and smallest; There’s a new wave of Central American migrants on the move and they’re praying they reach the US border; European doctors are issuing an alert that affects minorities worldwide; We know leadership was/is nonexistent under the Trump administration and it’s proving particularly evident in food lines; and Ever wanted to visit Graceland? Now, we all can and we don’t even have to drive there. Go beyond the headlines…

Sessions, top DOJ officials knew ‘zero tolerance’ would separate families, watchdog finds

Feds edge closer to sedition charge in Capitol riot aftermath

The far-right rioters at the Capitol were not antifa – but violent groups often blame rivals for unpopular attacks

Study: minorities should be designated vulnerable to COVID

Why Billions In Food Aid Hasn’t Gotten To Needy Families

Latinos, Blacks pay over twice as much in bank fees, survey finds

Congress demands investigation into white supremacists in the military after Capitol riots

Poet Amanda Gorman, 22, will read at Biden inaugural

The planet is dying faster than we thought

Check your health at the door: This high-tech doorbell shown at CES 2021 can check your temperature

Elvis Presley’s Graceland starting virtual tours

Facebookóatl? AMLO moves to create social media network for Mexicans

Chile Begins Abortion Discussion with an Eye on Argentina’s Success

Hundreds of Central Americans gather for caravan aiming to reach United States

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