January 20, 2021

Today is Inauguration Day! Never before in recent US history has a presidential inauguration had such significance. Historians agree that had there been a second Trump term, the United States as we knew it would have disappeared. The damage he did to our international reputation, our institutions, the rule of law, etc. was so great that Congress needs to put into place safeguards that not another creature like Trump occupies the Oval Office. Yet, on this day, it truly is a day to celebrate that we dodged a bullet and real change is on the horizon. But lasting change isn’t up to Biden and his administration but to each of us. It’s time we start holding ourselves accountable. After all, this is a democracy and it demands participation by the people. Happy Inauguration Day! Go beyond the headlines…

How To Watch Inauguration Day Online & On TV

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Trump Is Leaving Office With a Bunch of Legal Problems — And We’re Not Just Talking About Impeachment

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Paleontologists May Have Discovered Largest Land Animal in History

Buildings, tunnels and bridges could soon repair themselves

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