January 21, 2021

Yesterday, the light snow dusting the inauguration platform seemed to symbolize nature/Heaven’s way of cleansing the vitriol, hate and divisiveness of the highest office in the Land. For many, it signaled a new beginning. As such, Biden wasted no time reversing many of the hateful Executive Action policies of the former Oval Office occupant; Looking over Biden’s shoulder as he governs our nation is a bust of a Latino icon; The Biden administration takes Covid-19 seriously and has directed all federal agencies to do the same. That’s why the CDC just created a new requirement; Scientists identify which genes raise breast cancer risk; and Archeologists discovered a profound finding in Egypt. Go beyond the headlines…

In Biden’s Oval Office, Cesar Chavez takes his place among America’s heroes

Biden is inheriting a wrecked economy, but Democrats have a record of avoiding recession and reducing unemployment

In confirmation hearings, Treasury nominee Janet Yellen specifies who she’s fighting for: Women and people of color

The Basic Facts About Children in Poverty

López Obrador urges Biden administration to give legal status to Mexicans working in US

The CDC will require preflight testing as Covid-19 cases continue to soar and new, more infectious strains of the virus emerge

New studies clarify which genes may raise breast cancer risk

Archaeologists Unearth Egyptian Queen’s Tomb, 13-Foot ‘Book of the Dead’ Scroll

New app to aid computer learning for those lacking internet access

‘Multilateralism is back!’ How Costa Rica’s leaders celebrated U.S. inauguration

Honduras lawmakers seek to lock in ban on abortion for ever

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