January 20, 2022

In yesterday’s press conference, President Biden said he didn’t believe the polls when a reporter asked how he felt about his low polling numbers. Dismissing unfavorable facts seems to be a Washington trait. However, those of us witnessing the ruthless takeover of congressional districts by unethical GOP redistricting practices can’t afford that Washington luxury. Otherwise, we risk living in a society that we traditionally have abhorred; So is the headline that inflation is threatening Latino buying power really news? After all, inflation is taking a bite out of everyone’s pocketbook; Florida legislators say they don’t want to make white students uncomfortable, so they plan on banning lessons on discrimination. And they wonder why history repeats itself; The quest to explore has long been a human trademark. Unfortunately, scientists have found that one thing could prevent humans from traveling in space for long periods. No trips to Mars or the outer fringes of the galaxy? Bummer! And in the mood to watch the films that made the cut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival? Just go online! Go beyond the headlines…

GOP considers more ruthless redistricting

Rift grows between Biden and immigration advocates

Inflation threatens Latinos’ buying power

New Mexico is pushing to be a ‘model’ for how race is taught in U.S. schools

Florida could ban lessons about discrimination that make white students feel ‘discomfort’

Rare, pristine rose-shaped coral reef discovered off of Tahiti coast

Space Is Destroying Astronauts’ Red Blood Cells

The Sundance Film Festival is back and online once more

Mexican government looking to lower working age from 18 to 16 garners support

7 Latin American primate species among the 25 most endangered in the world

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