January 23, 2023

In the 2022 midterms, Latino voters proved they can make a difference in election outcomes. Now, unsurprisingly, someone wants to exploit that turnout; So, Russia’s finally had enough with Ukraine fighting back. About time; Honestly, what is it to Arkansas’ newest governor, the former official liar of the Trump administration, with the banning of Latinx. Whether you agree with it or not, shouldn’t it be a personal choice? That’s right. If you’re in the minority, of any kind, the GOP wants to make sure we have no personal choice; Ever been at the airport and wonder if you’ll see anyone you know? There’s an app for that; and Brazil’s female diplomats feel reenergized. Go beyond the headlines…

‘Fox News in Spanish’: Inside an upstart media company’s big plans to impact the 2024 election

Russia Says Negotiations with Ukraine Are Now ‘Impossible’

Illegal border crossings rose to highest level of Biden’s presidency in December

Cherokee Nation’s long-awaited delegate faces a tribal challenge

Arkansas’ Gov. Sanders’ Latinx ban wades into community’s generational rift

Across the US, White neighborhoods have more greenery, fewer dilapidated buildings, fewer multi-family homes: Study

Light Pollution Is Outshining Stars Faster Than Thought

New App Lets You Find Friends At The Airport

Brazil’s female diplomats in new equality push after dark days of Bolsonaro

Tourists evacuated after Peru closes Machu Picchu amid protests

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