January 20, 2023

From Wall Street to the White House, the general assumption has been that the new House majority (driven by a few die-hard MAGA worshippers) would wreak havoc to propel their distorted agenda. Back are the days when the country bounced from one manufactured crisis to another imperiling our domestic economy and our global obligations to allies and treaties. As we saw from the Trump tragedy, MAGA doesn’t care about the consequences of their actions on the larger American public. Case in point: The country has hit the debt limit and no one is certain (this time) that it will be resolved before the nation’s economy is hurled off the cliff; Another point with the MAGA majority is their intention to limit aid to Ukraine. Having come this far, will we collectively endorse a plan that abandons these hard-working people staving off an inhumane invasion and throw away the investment we’ve already made? Again, little thinking among this new House majority; The past MAGA administration allowed for hate to rise to the top of public discourse. Now, federal officials say hate crimes are surging but local law enforcement aren’t counting them all; Gloria Estefan is set to the first Latina to receive this distinguish recognition; and Peru is undergoing a democratic crisis of their own – and it’s getting bloodier. Go beyond the headlines…

What hitting the debt limit means for American households

US scrambling to find what experts say may be the ‘most important’ hardware Ukraine needs to hold off Russia in 2023

As hate crimes surge, most are going uncounted

White House prepares new tenant protections, alarming housing industry

Gloria Estefan Will Be The First Hispanic Woman Inducted Into Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Drought at Missouri River Exposes Ancient, Possibly Extinct, Bison

Record-Breaking Signal From Distant Galaxy Is Furthest of Its Kind Ever Detected

Instagram’s new ‘Quiet Mode’ helps you take a break from the app

As independent media blossoms in Cuba, journalists face a crackdown

Protests move into Peru’s capital, met by tear gas and smoke

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