January 23, 2024

A common political tactic is to ‘negatively inflate’ an issue supported by your opponent. That tactic is on clear display with a new poll about voters’ top concern. It seems the majority of people (in this poll) are more concerned about immigration rather than inflation. Curious that these respondents would fret over an issue the vast majority of Americans have no personal engagement. That they would claim that this issue impacts their lives more than the higher prices at the grocery store, rent, gas, etc. is testament to the MAGA campaign to continue their leader’s fear mongering and vilifying of a people who may look and sound different. No denying immigration is a problem in that there are so many people who realize there’s no hope for reform or help in their home countries and the US is the most accessible place where some semblance of justice exists — or it will unless MAGA takes hold of the White House again; Israel, under pressure from hostages’ families, offered Hamas a 2-month ceasefire if all the hostages were released. As of this writing, it hasn’t been accepted, but in the meantime Israel keeps losing its soldiers, registering their highest one-day death toll; Community gardens, urban farms have been heralded as a way to bring fresh produce to the inner city but now researchers are finding that the good coming from these urban farms may not outweigh the bad it’s doing to the environment; and Astronomers are more than puzzled over a giant structure found in deep space. Go beyond the headlines…

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