January 24, 2024

Finally, there’s good news. No, not talking about last night’s election results from the New Hampshire primary, (she says sarcastically). What I’m referring to is the good news about these anti-obesity meds people, who actually need them, are taking. A new study finds that these patients aren’t necessarily tethered for life to these meds to keep their weight off. Too many doomsayers threatened users that all their food sacrificing would be for naught (yes, I used that word) and the weight would immediately pile back on once they stopped. I never quite believed it since during the time the meds are taken, people have time to develop new eating habits. Not to mention, the stomach begins to shrink, or doesn’t take as much food to fill up as before. Once a person stops, these habits, along with paying attention to feelings of being full, continue. It’s totally a user’s self-discipline that will keep the weight off after that last dose but it can be done, and like everything else — something is successful only when coupled with how badly we want it; As long as gun rights extremists infiltrate the halls, and coffers, of Congress, mass shootings will continue in this country. The AP created a list of how many mass shootings we’ve already had in 2024. Sad, we’re barely 3 weeks into the first month of a new year; Want to get smarter? Take a few minutes and groove to Taylor Swift; and There’s a rising, silent epidemic happening among Latinos that’s more than worrisome. Go beyond the headlines…

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